Caitlin on Apartment Hunting

10 April, 2011

Today the mighty huntress set out with her sidekick to look for a new apartment for herself and the cat. The results were stunningly lack luster. Our brave heroine knew that the task before her was Herculean. The potential places posited as perfect paled from paradise to purgatory. She left feeling more disheartened and anxious after each stop, afraid that the required home would not materialize in time.

Yes, Dearest Reader, these were my emotions as the potential apartments turned into nos. I looked in Greenbelt and Bladensburg but the neighborhoods were not ones a white t-girl would feel safe in. The first one I looked at in Alexandria was nice and the community area was wonderful, however I was looking at a monthly total for rent, utilities, and pet fees of $1123 for FIVE hundred square feet. The last place I checked out today was in Fairfax but it is on the western end of Fairfax, so there would be the whole I-66 issue, but that doesn’t matter because they don’t have anything available.

Sigh. The whole day was a bust.

Fox Chase: This was a great community but they wanted $1,000 in rent a month, plus I would pay at least $80 a month for utilities and $40 a month for pet rent. Totaling at $1,200. That's the price I pay now for the townhouse and all I'd get is 500 square feet.

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