Charting New Maps

25 June, 2011

The stars in this place

are unfamiliar. It’s time

to chart a new map.

I think, last week, a number of people suddenly realized I wasn’t joking and now I’m not so much a humorous oddity as a threat to social order and decency deserving of being locked-up, “Certifiable,” as it was so bluntly said to me. So it’s time to cut the line that weighs the ship to port. I previously eliminated from my life family that was not supportive and I have now done so with friends. Either you are with me or you are not. But I have enough problems and struggles facing me that I do not need false sympathy and vicious gossip behind my back adding to these issues. Thus it is goodbye to some and for those still with me our cry is “Allons-y” and “Geronimo.” I am the captain of my ship, she goes where I point it. If you don’t like the destination, don’t come along for the ride. And what a ride we have in store.

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