Caitlin on Police Inaction

6 August, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011 — 10:05 am

Tony Hunter: While walking to a club with his boyfriend was attacked by Darryl Hanna and beaten to death. It took the DC police three weeks to apprehend Hanna. DC courts sentenced Hanna to ninety days in jail; after his release he beat his girlfriend and received one hundred days in jail. He beat a man to death–murdered him–and received what amounts to no more than a slap on the wrist then repeats the behavior and has his other wrist slapped.

DC Trans-woman (name withheld): While standing outside her house she was approached by an undercover officer running a prostitution entrapment. The officer propositioned her. When she refused and walked away, the officer followed and arrested her as a prostitute. The prosecuting attorney asserted the woman was guilty not just of soliciting an officer but of being a repeat offender, despite overwhelming evidence that it was a case of entrapment. Ultimately they failed, but not from a lack of trying.

Ukea Davis and Stephanie Thomas: Two transgender girls bullied so horribly they dropped out of school due to fears for their safety. They were later gunned down by semi-automatic gunfire in a drive-by. The assailants came back and fired another twenty rounds into their bodies. The case, opened in 2002, remains unsolved.

Tyra Hunter: Critically injured in a car accident and being worked on by EMTs. According to witnesses, when the EMTs discovered Tyra was transgendered they stopped working on her for several critical minutes in order to laugh at her. Tyra died as a result.

Imani Williams: This trans-woman was found beaten to death in DC. No progress has been made on the case; the police found her body in 2002.

Lashai Mclean: A trans-woman approached by an assailant asking for change. Before she could reply the assailant shot and killed her in front of a witness. This occurred July 20, 2011. On July 30 the crime was repeated against another trans-woman (name withheld). The attempt failed. DC police have reluctantly announced there “may be an emerging pattern of violence against transgendered women in the District.” To date, no significant progress has been made on this case.

Yazzmen Morse and Girlfriend (name withheld): Also on July 30, five lesbians were approached by three males and sexually harassed. Upon learning they were lesbians, two of the men beat Yazzmen and her girlfriend with closed fists about the head and face while the third recorded it with his cell phone. The police responding to the incident apprehended the primary assailant, but let him go upon learning the women were lesbians. Police dismissed the men, who proceeded to mock and jeer at the women as they left. The officers threatened the women with arrest and detainment if they did not “calm down.” There was no report filed by the officers and as of this posting no action has been taken against them.

Notice a trend here, Dearest Reader? Trans/homophobia in the District’s police force and emergency personnel has resulted in a closed eye, shut mouth policy concerning the prosecution of hate crimes. Worse, are the incidents where the people being paid to serve and protect instigate or encourage the crimes. I could go on, but I think the above thumbnail biographies say more than my commentary ever could.

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