Trans Road Blocks

8 August, 2011

2:40 pm

I am sitting at social security administration where they are blatantly refusing to update my gender in their systems. According to the lawyer at WWHC and social security administrations own policies, I am legally allowed to change my gender with the social security administration based on completed treatment. The woman behind the desk is refusing to make the alteration, she has confiscated my letter of completed treatment, and she is refusing to give me a number. She told me to have a seat and “someone” who can help me will be informed I am here. She has not done this yet, instead she is helping other people. I have never been so rudely treated by a person in a receptionist position.

This comes after dealing with BB&T who failed to correct my name and gender on my bank loan and with Archeology Magazine who refused to acknowledge a major billing mistake.

BB&T took over an hour to straighten out despite only needing to make a copy of my social security card, drivers’ license, and doctor’s letter.

Archeology has been trying to bill me for the last five months for a magazine I have neither subscribed to nor received. I have called multiple times trying to deal with this issue and been told I am in the wrong and I need to pay for the bogus subscription. Finally, I called and addressed them as A and explained the situation. They apologized and corrected the misfiling.

Here at the social security administration office I have three people examining my case and a police officer standing near me to ensure I do not make a scene. I have been sitting quietly having not spoken loud or rude to anyone. I have not made threatening gestures nor have I taken an aggressive stance, yet they feel the need to protect themselves from me. I am considered a threat to the public safety not based in fact or behavior but solely based on my existence. This is prejudice and discrimination in action. I am not judged as a human being, but as a condition. I am immediately labeled mentally unstable and someone who needs to be contained.

How can we make progress as a society if we refuse to acknowledge an individual’s basic right to exist and to move about in the public sphere? Apparently the nation would be happier if trans-individuals were locked up or, based on local authorities’ responses to recent tragedies, dead.

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