Second Class Citizen Denied Maintenance Service

30 October, 2011

77 and climbing -- it is 51 out!

The heat has been running constantly since Saturday. It is only by keeping the balcony door open and the heat set at 65 that I am able to keep the temperature below 80. Despite the fact it is only 51 degrees outside.

I placed my service request with EOS-21 emergency maintenance during the four o’clock hour yesterday afternoon. After six hours and five follow-up phone calls I had still not been contacted by someone on maintenance. As of noon today (twenty hours after the initial service request) I had not even received a phone call with an ETA on the service.

When I went to the leasing office to complain, the maintenance staff, via the phone, said to “tell HIM we might be able to get to HIM sometime tomorrow.” [emphasis added]. There was no need for the use of masculine pronoun, they had only my name and they were speaking with a female receptionist who referred to me as she and her.

I believe the implication here is clear.

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