Vocality in Gender Locality

11 November, 2011

I have the flu. It sucks, big time. But something interesting has resulted from it. Attempting to teach and hold parent conferences with the flu for thirteen (auspicious number) hours yesterday has left me, literally, sans voice.

This has me wondering. What would life be like without vocality. A lot of our conversations are conducted through texts, IM, Tumblr, blogs, Linkedin, and Facebook. (I am currently sharing some intimate thought with you, without ever opening my mouth.) Even my job as a teacher would only be hampered and not negated. True, I could no longer give the lectures I am famous for among the PG students; however, I could continue to teach via online courses. About the only thing that I could regret the loss of would be the ability to scream for help or to shout a warning.

When it comes to gender, the loss of voice, might actually be a positive. I have read several people’s accounts about how their voice, falling back into its original register, outed them. I have had to work hard to feminize my voice and I do not doubt that the strain that puts my vocal cords under has contributed to my current sans vocal condition. Having no voice, would give me one less thing to worry about. One less opportunity to be outed to the world.

I would be okay with loss of voice, if it were to happen, just as long as I could still keep the ability to intimately whisper, for when I meet that someone worth whispering to.

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