“Stupid Bitch” (a Caitlin on . . . post)

16 November, 2011

4:45 pm
Alexandria, Virginia

Through out the day I have been receiving phone calls from a guy claiming to be from “Stream Link,” or perhaps “Streamlink” they have been asking to talk to A. I have told him repeatedly that there is no one here by that name. I have even told him my name, I have offered to take a message but he refuses to leave one. Each time he calls back in an hour. At one point the guy denied having called previously, called me a liar, and demanded I put A on the phone “right fucking now.” I hung up. He called back fifty-eight minutes later.

This last time I told him there was no one here by the name they were looking for and if they wanted to talk to someone they could talk to me or they could waste their time trying to find A. He relented and told me he works for a company that works with Amazon and his company could help me make money from home. I asked how much do you expect me to invest and he ignored the question and continued his pitch. I asked him if he could prove he worked for Amazon. To which he replied, not for them but with them. I told him I was not interested in a pyramid scheme. He said, how is Amazon a pyramid scheme? I reminded him he did not work for Amazon only with them. He offered to prove it and all I had to do was go to a website and enter some information. I told him I was not interested in being the victim of a phishing scam.

At this point he was becoming aggressive and I was interested only in a way to get him to stop calling. No matter what he said my reply was, I want you to remove this number from your list. He began yelling at me, called me a stupid woman, said women had no head for business, and made several demands to speak to the man of the house about this important opportunity. Each comment and demand was met with, I want you to remove this number from your list. He finally cussed me out as a stupid bitch and hung up.

That was thirty minutes ago. We’ll see if he calls back.


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  1. Well, he has not called back, so that is a positive.

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