31 January, 2012

My county has seriously messed up and they are just beginning to learn the ramifications of their error. Almost twenty years ago they made drastic changes in how they educate children, which included removing the onus of personal responsibility and making social promotion the norm instead of the exception. The results of this shift in policy are finally becoming visible.

The current group of seniors do not understand that consequences are directly linked to their actions and believe they are entitled to a high school degree and college admittance just because they are eighteen. These seniors have language arts skills in the fourth grade level, they do not pay attention in class, and the ability to sit through even twenty minutes of lecture is beyond them. The county is just beginning to see how much babying and head-patting has screwed these kids and they are starting to demand better behavior and a higher caliber of work from them.

Unfortunately, these kids are incapable of recognizing how badly damaged they are. Instead, they think the world outside the high school will function on the same rules and substandard expectations. They honestly think that doing your job is for suckers because you get your pay regardless of how much or little you do. So these kids are rebelling against the oh too late attempt at intervention. We already know a baker’s dozen kids will not graduate this spring that think they are going to and there is a slew of seniors who, if they do not change now, will join that group by the end of third quarter. The guidance counselor I spoke with today said in fourteen years on the job she has never seen so many children so dangerously close to failing to graduate.

County administration, you have created this catastrophe, how do you plan on rectifying it?

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