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When We Become Weavers: queer female poets on the Midwestern experience

17 July, 2012


Here is the cover to the anthology I am being published in (as: Jennifer-River). You can find more information on the anthology here:


What I Do Best

15 July, 2012

What I do best …

Do you know what I’m good at?


That’s right. Thirty years worth of experience.

Yep, I’m a little boy, all right. I love hunting and sports and cars. I’m a man, a real man. And a husband. The best husband around. Don’t talk girly stuff around me; I hate that mushy stuff.

Yes, indeed. I am an expert liar. A true master of the craft.

And I’ve just carried that straight on through into my second life.

Oh, no it doesn’t get me down that I look like an emaciated man in a dress. It doesn’t bother me that half the time I go out it’s in a wig. Oh, and don’t worry about calling me pejorative names and vandalising my stuff, thems the knocks. And I totally get why people still mess up and call me by the wrong name and pronoun several times in a single conversation; it sure is hard for people to adjust to this other I am. Oh, and go right ahead and insult me with misogynistic language because you feel bad about yourself; I totally get that you need to have a meltdown all over me to feel better. Hey, that’s what I’m here for.

Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am. Boys and girls and children of all ages. Step on up. See the lying girl. She’ll lie any-where, any-when, to any-who. She’ll lie convincingly, consistently, unwaveringly, indefatigably. She’ll even lie lying down. She’ll even lie laying her own needs and desires aside. Come see this freak of nature set her ‘self’ aside and put your feelings first through the act of the appeasing lie.