An Open Letter to the GSM/LGBTQ Community

9 December, 2012

I am tired of the hate people express toward one another. I am tired of how they go out of their way to find people to hate, express hate to, and post hate about. I am tired of cis people hating trans* people and of trans* people hating cis people. I am tired of lesbians hating genderqueer people, gay men hating trans men, and radical feminists hating trans women. I am tired of members of our community setting themselves up as better than other members of our community. I am tired of post-op transsexuals looking down on pre-op transsexuals and both of them shunning non-op transsexuals. I am tired of seeing people posting ‘not trans enough’ and ‘die cis scum.’ I’m tired of watching people running others down to feel better about themself.

Life presents enough trials and hardships in a given day; why do so many people feel the need to make another person’s burden that much harder?

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