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The Work Is Well Begun, but Far From Done

26 June, 2015

Today’s Supreme Court ruling is an historic step forward for human rights, but we need to remember that laws do not legislate human beliefs. Homosexual, queer, and trans people still face the destructive attitudes of individual people who strip them of dignity, put them at risk, and even abuse and murder them. These people, these colleagues, these friends, these family members will not be swayed by a court ruling. They need to hear from allies, they need to be convinced by allies, that these views are harmful to real people and that they are denying others the dignity of self-identity.

Now is not the time for allies and supporters to slacken; now is when you redouble your efforts to make change real. Allies still have a responsibility to call-in others. Not call-out bigotry, but call people in. Call them in to dignity; call them in to love; call them in to respecting others. Allies, you hold the most responsible of positions: to draw people in with love so all people, straight, cis, homosexual, queer, or trans, have an equal share of dignity.