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Abide With Me

11 September, 2017

Abide with me, let me know rest
Relieve the sorrow in my breast
Let not my strength or joy recede
Divine-healer, abide with me

Light my way in the darkest hour
No foe’s aggression robs my power
Let fear and doubt and anguish flee
Divine-healer, abide with me


Poem 1612

4 January, 2017

​Injustice came and I ran.

I ran to the politicians, but they said you’ve no power here.

I ran to the courts, but they said you’ve no voice here.

I ran to my faith, but it said you’ve no redemption here.

I ran to the shelters, but they said you’ve no place here.

I ran to my blood, but its beat had stilled.

I ran to the rock and hid beneath it.

Injustice found me and used the rock to seal my grave.


Moon Prayer

3 December, 2016

​Moonbeams shine

here on me

Grant sacred dreams

So I see

Blessed truths

Meant just for me


Tonight/Tomorrow: A Poem for 23 Lives

20 November, 2016

​Tonight the storm is strong and the winds are bitter. Tonight 23 transgender people are remembered, whether they are trans women, trans men, or gender fluid. Tonight we whisper 23 names in the dark.

Tonight we remember 23 hard earned lives that were lived with strength. Tonight we eulogise 23 lives abruptly ended this past year by people possessed by hatred, by fear, by violence. Tonight we hold hands, we circle one another, and we grieve.

Tomorrow we draw the circle wider and yet wider again. Tomorrow we seek with our feet and comfort with our hands. Tomorrow we reach out and draw our neighbours in with open arms.

Tomorrow we stand with our heads high and our eyes open. Tomorrow we stand firm in the face of hatred and discrimination. Tomorrow we say no to hate and we act with love.


Trans Women in Media

25 March, 2016

I want trans women detectives and lawyers.
I want trans women artists and beatniks.
I want trans women piloting starships.
I want trans women raising families.
I want trans women working as social workers, teachers, and counselors.
I want trans women nurses, doctors, and surgeons.
I want trans women working with engines.
I want trans women running cabs and subways.
I want trans women doing what people do and
I want what what they do to be what they do and not just who they are.
I want to see my life and the lives of those I love up on the screen.
I want characters who represent me, who show my potential for greatness, and my darkest self doubts.
I want trans women in media because
I want to see myself
                                      and know I belong.


I Am Tired

19 February, 2015

I am tired of fighting

I am tired of disrespect

I am tired of being pegged in a slot

And not allowed out


I am tired of hatred

I am tired of gossip

I am tired of turning on each other

And not trusting love


I am tired of hypocrisy

I am tired of entitlement

I am tired of judgemental friendship

And not being kind


We don’t build with hate

We build with love


We don’t build with gossip

We build with honesty


We don’t build with distrust

We build with community


But right now …

… I cannot build

… I am frustrated

… I am at my lowest


I am tired


For My Love

12 September, 2013

I love how you make check lists
I love your genuine geek
I love your quirks and foibles
I love your hand ‘pon my cheek
I love how you give comfort
I love how you get tounge-tied
I love your lust for knowledge
I love we walk side-by-side

Though pieces that I speak of
It is all of you I love