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When We Become Weavers: queer female poets on the Midwestern experience

17 July, 2012


Here is the cover to the anthology I am being published in (as: Jennifer-River). You can find more information on the anthology here:


The Perfect Regeneration

5 February, 2012


Why not a female Doctor? We have had eleven Time Lords, I think we are due to have a Time Lady manning the TARDIS. In Neil Gaiman’s episode, “The Doctor’s Wife,” it is implied that regenerations do not have to follow gender lines. I am fully for having a female Doctor for the twelfth incarnation and I think the Geek News suggestion of Rose Leslie is the perfect choice. Here was their reasoning:

She’s been dynamic, hilarious, and heartfelt on Downton Abbey. She’s about to play a major, crucial role on Game of Thrones as the “fire-kissed” Ygritte. So once she’s done there, why not bring Leslie back to the BBC to become the first female Doctor? Plus, she’s got the one thing the Doctor has always wanted: red hair. It’s a win-win all around.



4 February, 2012


Vandalism is the wonted destruction or tainting of another person’s property done out of sheer maliciousness. There are few feelings worse than learning you have been attacked by someone in what should be a safe place. We go home each day seeking a refuge from the events and catastrophes of the outer world. Home is meant to be somewhere we can let our guard down and relax. A violation of that space leaves a person feeling alone and vulnerable.

Misogyny is a prevalent attitude in which a number of (not all) men reserve a special ire for women who carry, present, or stand-up for themselves in any way that infringes on their male ego or sense of patriarchy. To be female is to be lesser than the male bodied, to be de-valued and erased.

Transmisogyny is a coupling of misogynistic attitudes with the prevailing transphobia. It is a hatred of trans women for who they are and the changing understanding of gender and patriarchy in regards to the rules of power and privilege. It is a double shot of hatred dumped on a minority that has been systematically denied equal rights and protection under the law and are still pathologised by the medical and psychiatric communities.

This morning I discovered I was at the crossroads of these actions and attitudes. Last night my door was vandalised by person(s) unknown. Their opinion of who I am was expressed in the most horrific and derogatory slur you can hurl at a trans woman. The slur was a message: we don’t like what you are and we know where you live. It is a threat. It is a promise to escalate. It is a warning for me to leave and a warning for others to disassociate with me. It is a reminder of my status: sub-human. Transsexuals, specifically trans women, stand out and are a visual threat to the patriarchal system that places one gender (male) as the superior and one (female) as the inferior. Trans men, says the patriarchy, are less of a threat because they are “women” expressing a healthy desire to be better, to be more than they are, even though they will never achieve it. The threat that trans women represent by nature of their existence, however, threatens the whole system because it means someone of “superior” status is “electing” to become of “inferior” status. This possibility cannot be given credence in the patriarchal view and the easy way of invalidating it is to dehumanise and pathologise the offending party. This is the same reason pathological transvestism is only defined as a male wearing female clothing, the reverse is not considered pathological, but as normal and acceptable.

What was written on my door is a threat against my person, but it is, also, an attempt to discredit, defame, and de-humanise me so they can feel more comfortable living in their skin with their prejudices.


Second Class Citizen Denied Maintenance Service

30 October, 2011

77 and climbing -- it is 51 out!

The heat has been running constantly since Saturday. It is only by keeping the balcony door open and the heat set at 65 that I am able to keep the temperature below 80. Despite the fact it is only 51 degrees outside.

I placed my service request with EOS-21 emergency maintenance during the four o’clock hour yesterday afternoon. After six hours and five follow-up phone calls I had still not been contacted by someone on maintenance. As of noon today (twenty hours after the initial service request) I had not even received a phone call with an ETA on the service.

When I went to the leasing office to complain, the maintenance staff, via the phone, said to “tell HIM we might be able to get to HIM sometime tomorrow.” [emphasis added]. There was no need for the use of masculine pronoun, they had only my name and they were speaking with a female receptionist who referred to me as she and her.

I believe the implication here is clear.


Stayed In

13 October, 2011

We had tornadoes in Northern Virginia tonight. There was a time, not long ago, where I would have had a struggle fighting the urge to drive out to the area and storm-chase. There have been many times in my life where I have gone out looking for the tornadoes, hoping to get up close and personal with them. Tonight was the first night that I did not feel the urge to go out after the storm. The dark, insistent need to find the terrible and dangerous did not rise up. It is not because I am struck by some profound new awareness of the danger, nor is it because I am older and wiser, more stable, or less (or more) crazy. It is because for the first time I did not feel the need to risk my life. I do not have a dark, oppressive secret weighing me down that I need to try to escape.

That feels good.


An Original

23 June, 2011


I love this flower, a Lilium Columbianum or Tiger Lily. It’s so bold and vibrant that you immediately recognize it for what it is and appreciate it for its beauty. That’s the personality I want. I want to stand out as beautiful among the rough and plain things (and people) of this world the way this vibrant flower stands out among the weeds, a testament to individuality.


Cute Accent

16 June, 2011


Accents are cool.

Here is how my color choice for the accent wall turned out. It really snazzies the place up and adds depth to the apartment, giving the bedroom area a darker, richer atmosphere, which I hope will be conducive to sleeping, as well as just looking cool. Sometimes my sense of style impresses even me. 😉