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Caitlin on Cutbacks

14 April, 2011

Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf? Certainly not the students in Prince George’s county because we don’t have any copies to use in the classroom. I’m to the point where I would buy a copy and photo copy the chapters for the students except we don’t have any paper; not even that horrid salmon color everyone avoids using. But that’s okay because we don’t have the money to pay the teachers either.

The scuttle is PGCPS is taking steps to move to a four day week. This will cut costs and free up enough money that administrators and Grand High Pumba Muckie-mucks don’t have to take a pay cut. In the mean time we make do with furloughs and half days. You would think the upside to all this would be not having to worry about teaching or a lack of resources because we aren’t ever in the classrooms to do it. That, Dearest Reader, is too logical a thought. Despite having neither the time nor the resources to teach they expect us to instruct them in everything they would have learned—and instruct them well enough to pass a national standard test that increases the required success percentage annually—had we the resources to function like a well-funded school.

The call to battle is no longer “Children first,” but “Make your administrator look great.”