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The Genderbread Plagiarist (with images, tweets) · cisnormativity · Storify

16 September, 2013

I am very disappointed to learn that Sam Killerman the author of has been outed as a plagiarist. I had previously read his stuff and was proud to consider him an ally. I used the “genderbread person” he copyrighted as original work to help explain trans* issues to friends and family. Now, I have read about and seen the documaentation of his having plagarised this infographic from scholars who copyrighted it in 2005. As an English teacher, I consider plagiarism and intellectual property theft the most vile thing any academic or scholar can do. To steal from a marganalised group and then publish a book and make money off that theft is disgusting.

I already have a hard time trusting people outside of our community with our issues and his actions have made my trust harder to earn.