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The Perfect Regeneration

5 February, 2012


Why not a female Doctor? We have had eleven Time Lords, I think we are due to have a Time Lady manning the TARDIS. In Neil Gaiman’s episode, “The Doctor’s Wife,” it is implied that regenerations do not have to follow gender lines. I am fully for having a female Doctor for the twelfth incarnation and I think the Geek News suggestion of Rose Leslie is the perfect choice. Here was their reasoning:

She’s been dynamic, hilarious, and heartfelt on Downton Abbey. She’s about to play a major, crucial role on Game of Thrones as the “fire-kissed” Ygritte. So once she’s done there, why not bring Leslie back to the BBC to become the first female Doctor? Plus, she’s got the one thing the Doctor has always wanted: red hair. It’s a win-win all around.